Birds at the Inn at San Ignacio

Let your birding start just outside your door when you stay at the Inn at San Ignacio. The Inn is located on a rise above two desert washes, and the natural landscaping that fronts on these washes attracts many of the local desert species. Join Mary Scott for her morning coffee and birds. . .

This is a look at the "patio side" of the Inn villas. All villa suites have a patio. If you're staying in a villa room rather than a suite you just walk out your door and find a good vantage point. I sat drinking coffee one morning in April and took pictures of the birds that came by.

A small flock of Black-throated Sparrows were early visitors.

I also saw hummingbirds feeding from the flowering plants. The Inn is creating a watering/feeding station for birds on the property so we can all get even better views.

A Greater Roadrunner dropped by for a visit and enjoyed the view with me.

Then it was time to hurry on.

I was sitting below when this raven landed above me on the patio roof. I have to admit I can't identify the raven species from this angle!

This Curve-billed Thrasher took advantage of the height of the patio roof to sing long and loud over the surrounding area.

Little coveys of Gambel's Quail walked their fast little walk through the plantings.

I had trouble getting a picture of any of the Lesser Goldfinches who were flying back and forth in front of me. Finally this guy landed briefly down below.

A little Verdin was working through the nearby foliage.

The Black Phoebe was easy to identify, even when backlit by the sun.

The other flycatchers and kingbirds will be a treat for you to work on!

I didn't see any White-winged Doves during my morning coffee, just the Mourning Doves kept me company.

I couldn't resist this shot of another Black-throated Sparrow who chose to perch on a lovely cactus.

This critter acted surprised to see someone up so early,

while this House Finch basked in the sun just in front of me. A Northern Cardinal and a Ladder-backed Woodpecker came by but eluded my camera.

Finally it was time to head back to California. I caught this Red-tailed Hawk flying by as I approached the onramp to I-19.

I'm excited to think what great birding we'll have at the Inn once I get a fountain and some feeders set up!

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